Established in June 2013, Vibracoustic CV Air Springs is the result of a joint venture agreement between TrelleborgVibracoustic (50.1%) and the former shareholders of HSS Otomotiv (49.9%). The company has an outstanding pedigree and can trace its origins back to Europe’s first ever manufacturer of commercial vehicle Air Springs.

Freudenberg Founded
Phoenix Rubber Founded
1905  Trelleborg Rubber Company Founded
1956  Phoenix develops Commercial Vehicle Air Spring Bellow
1997  Phoenix enters the passenger car Air Spring market
2001  Phoenix antivibration systems (AVS) joins Freudenberg’s AVS division to become Vibracoustic
2004  HSS Otomotiv establishes Blacktech to supply reliable quality Air Springs to the independent aftermarket
2005  Vibracoustic acquires the Phoenix OEM Air Spring business, “the original Air Spring.”
2005  Vibracoustic acquires Gates Air Spring business Mexico
Aircruise brand name introduced for Phoenix original Air Spring
2010  Air Spring production starts in Yantai China
2011  Aircruise Bionics launched – the first sleeve type Air Spring for commercial vehicles, currently in production for Mercedes and Volvo
2012  Freudenberg and Trelleborg form a €1.5 billion joint venture, uniting Vibracoustic and Trelleborg Automotive AVS to create TrelleborgVibracoustic.
2013  TrelleborgVibracoustic and HSS Otomotiv form a joint venture to create Vibracoustic CV Air Springs (VCCVAS). Focused on the needs of the commercial vehicle market VCCVAS offers an unrivalled product range with solutions for every stage of the vehicle lifecycle.
2014  Innovative self-levelling Air Spring launched, currently in production with Kamaz.